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My name is Raffaele and I’m a Telephone Technician in Canberra with over 33 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry.

Firstly, I began my career with Telstra and as a former technical specialist I offer valuable knowledge and expertise across all phone and internet services and therefore decided to set up my own business using that expertise and knowledge in telecommunications.

Secondly, I guarantee peace of mind to all my customers and most importantly I have noticed a lack of service in the community, and now more than ever businesses and residential customers need prompt and stress-free services benefiting from my in-home setup.

Thirdly, I pride myself in helping the elderly and those not so tech-savvy with broadband, Wi-Fi and tech issues, specialising in NBN and modem setup.

In conclusion, I’m able to supply and fit telephone products as part of my service as a Telephone Technician in Canberra, hence I can reconnect internal telephone wiring which may have been disconnected at the NBN installation stage.

Considering my expertise as a telecommunications specialist, my aim is to successfully help customers use the full potential of the NBN and therefore gaining the most from their internet and media services.

Tech@Home comes to you
Tech@Home comes to you
Telephone Technician Canberra
Telephone Technician Canberra

Hey! My Specialties

As a Telephone Technician Canberra

  • Home Setup –  Broadband and Phone services
  • Modem Setup for various Service Providers
  • Media Setup –  Smart TV, Telstra TV, Optus Fetch, Apple TV, Foxtel IQ and Chromecast
  • Computer Setup – Desktop and Laptop Computers, Smart Phones and Printers
  • Wi-Fi Setup – Wi-Fi Access Points, Powerline Extenders
  • Network Setup – Modems, Routers, Ethernet Switches
  • Telstra Tech Support
  • Friendly service with a focus on the elderly and not so tech savvy user

Internet / NBN Repair or Fault Investigation

Internet Connection Repairs:

  • No More Wi-Fi Problems:
  • Book your In-home Assessment service
  • Instant Speed Test Report:
  • Identify true speeds from ISP (VDSL2 or NBN)
  • Isolating any doubts with internal cabling and your modem
  • Service Report:
  • Proving to your ISP or Phone Provider no issues exist
  • I isolate and detail what I have done onsite
  • Provide a resolution for your Service Provider to action
  • Prove to your ISP or Phone Provider no issues exist
  • In-Home Wiring Check:
  • Every home’s cabling deteriorates over time.
  • I will re-terminate all your sockets/wiring and joins
  • Identify any issues which could affect internet/phone


First Time Network Setup

Configure and setup modem for NBN.

Printer Support

Printer installation, setup and support


Set up in home. Optimisation and analysing


Customer coaching. General email and web browsing lessons.

E-Mail Support and Setup

Configuring Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook Express. Configuring email clients. Gmail support

Device Set Up (In-Home)

Configuring and set up devices to your home network. Re: Foxtel IQ, DVR, Smart TV, Apple TV, Telstra TV,  Fetch TV, Flip TV, Chromecast.

Modem Installation Canberra
Modem Installation Canberra
WiFi Setup Canberra
WiFi Setup Canberra
Phone Installation Canberra
NBN Modem Installation Canberra
NBN Modem Installation Canberra

Telephone Technician Canberra


Payment is required upon completion of all work and equipment supplied.

EFT is available or cash payment.

Itemised invoice and receipt will be emailed to customers.

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