Phone Technician Canberra

As a Phone Technician Canberra, I certainly can complete Cat5E wiring. Furthermore, also connect any telephone sockets that have been disconnected by NBN Technicians. As a result, I can improve telephone cabling where required. If cabling is too expensive I then can provide a cost-effective solution via various cordless telephones and Dect telephones. Also supply and fit Corded Telephones, Twin Pack Cordless, Dect Handsets. Even more help the Elderly program voicemail on Answering Machines. I can help remove unwanted! message bank and or delay 101 ring time. I setup all telephones as part of my service and give tutorial on how to use telephones. I can provide support in matters relating to ADSL, Cable, Wireless, Mobile Broadband, NBN, Home Phone and Mobile Phone.

Corded Telephones$40
Twin Pack Cordless$59
Dect Handsets$48

phone technician canberra
Twin Pack Cordless

phone technician canberra
Large Button Corded Phone