NBN Modem Installation Canberra

Have your NBN Modem Installation Canberra completed by Qualified Technician Today !

Standard Modems$140
Premium Modems$150
Premium Modems 4G Backup$250

Hey! Need your Gadgets Setup

I specialise in Wi-Fi. Setup Wi-Fi and Powerline Extenders. I’m good with Television Gadgets such as Telstra TV. Also Optus Fetch TV, Apple TV, Smart Home and Foxtel IQ On Demand.

My name is Raffaele Tammaro.

I’m ex Telstra Technician of 33 years’ experience. After leaving I thought there was more I could offer the Community. So, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience. Above all improve Customers Internet Experience. As a result, Business and Consumers would benefit from my experience in NBN Modem Installation Canberra. Although my expertise is in (Home Setup). Moreover, I like helping the Elderly and those not so Tech-Savvy. Furthermore, I specialise in Wi-Fi support.

I’m not limited to just Telstra. Certainly, I can setup for other Service Providers. Such as Optus, TPG and IiNet. Likewise helping Customers with Telstra Technical Support. Whether setting up devices to connect to Home Network. Importantly I can fix problems with Email clients. Likewise, setup software and provide Email technical support. Importantly troubleshoot Broadband issues. Whether that be related to line faults or equipment failures.

Given my involvement in NBN Modem Installation Canberra. Hence, I feel I can help with the NBN rollout. Because it has left many people upset at poor experience. So, my aim is to help people get connected.