1. Raff was fantastic. He definitely knows his stuff, he had everything working quickly & nothing was a problem for him to work through.

    1. Thank you Tina is was great meeting you. I hope you are happy with your modem installation canberra. Please recommend me to your friends

  2. Raff was recommended to us and we couldn’t be happier. You hear all these horror stories about NBN installations but not in our case. We had multiple points for installation and connectivity…Raff had all the solutions, including some tricky issues with WiFi extenders in our large house.

    We couldn’t be happier with the set up and the clean up…thank you Raff for your attention to detail.


    1. Thank you, Joe. It was a pleasure to meet your beautiful family and work in your lovely home. I was happy that I found solutions to meet all your internet and media needs. I could tell how your children loved using their new devices.

  3. I utilised Raff’s expertise to help with a recent NBN upgrade that had gone terribly wrong at a short term rental property I own.
    Raff diagnosed the issue and provided all the information I needed to go back to the provider to correct the issue. When the provider was unable to do so, Raff assisted me to switch service providers, installing all the relevant equipment so when the new connection was installed it was quick and painless.

    Raff is polite, courteous and goes out of his way to help his customers with whatever the issue may be. His wealth of telecommunications knowledge is extremely impressive and I highly recommend Raff to anyone who needs any telco work done.

    1. Thank You very much Mel for your kind comments. Please don’t hesitate to call if you require any further assistance.

  4. Raff, Thanks for your excellent work. Everything is running smoothly for the first time in two years – and more quickly too.

    1. Hi Phil. I’m so happy that all is running smooth for you, and I am immensely happy that you had a good experience. My aim is to give all customers the full benefit of NBN.

  5. Just had Raff come out to help with an internet problem. Firstly he returned my call within a couple of hours to set an appointment time. Raff turned up on the dot and provided a great service. I would unreservedly recommend Raff as he knows his stuff, and his fees were very competitive. Thank you Raff.

    1. Michaela, Thank You for your kind words. My aim is connect all my customers to phone and internet services. This is more important now as the Telcos are just not interested in helping customers

  6. Raff did a great job resolving a range of problems that we have struggled with. Over time we have added layers of complexity to our wifi and connections. Raff was able to simplify our arrangements and ensure that we are making the best use of our internet speeds. We would be happy to highly recommend him


    1. Thankyou Jeff for your kind comments. It pleases me to see my Customers get the most from their Internet services. My aim is to provide practical solutions.

  7. I had received the new modem from Telstra for connecting to the NBN and subsequently set it up. I had access to the internet but it was obvious something wasn’t right with accessing the net, also my home phone wasn’t working and on top of that I had legacy connectivity issues with my TV and the web which I needed to get sorted out. I contacted Raffaele because I’d prefer to have a proffesional look at my IT problems than deal with Telstra over the phone. Raffaele was punctual and systimaticaly worked through each of things that needed to be addressed until everything was as it should be, even identifying and rectifying a mistake made at the node during the initial connection of my line to the NBN. I can’t recommend Raffaele’s professionalism and service high enough. Remember, when you take into account your own time, sanity, the hassel of dealing with someone over the phone, who can’t see what you have on site, and the possibilty of you making things worse, it’s just false ecomomy not to get a proffessional. It’s always better to get someone in who knows what they’re doing and Raffeale is your man.

    1. Hi Rod,
      First of all I’m sorry for not replying to you sooner. Thank You for your kind comments. I get enormous satisfaction from seeing my Customers fully utilising their NBN broadband. I fully understand most have had a poor experience especially when dealing with their Telcos.

  8. Raff was very responsive. He turned up when he said he would and provided a good outcome to the issue we were facing. He also diagnosed other options for us to consider. Very happy with his service orientated approach. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a solution in a timely and professional manner.

    1. Glen, Thank You so much for your kind comments. It was a pleasure finding a solution for your Wi-Fi needs. I can appreciate how it is was important towards business productivity.

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